Ethnicity as a Variable

The Ethnicity as a Variable database is hosted [here] and is intended to serve as a reference for researchers interested in different ways of measuring ethnicity and other types of identity-based diversity.

For a discussion of issues related to definition and measurement, see Kyle L. Marquardt and Yoshiko M. Herrera. (Forthcoming 2015). “Ethnicity as a variable: An assessment of measures and datasets of ethnicity and related identities.” Social Science Quarterly.

All references to the listed datasets should cite the relevant dataset authors, as indicated on their respective websites or articles.

This database can be downloaded as a spreadsheet [here], and should be cited as follows: Steven L. Wilson, Kyle L. Marquardt and Yoshiko M. Herrera. 2015. “Ethnicity as a variable: An annotated bibliography for sources on ethnic and cultural diversity.”

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