Post-election interviews

22nd December 2016
Why the white working class votes against itself
The Washington Post

28th November 2016
Middle America’s malaise helped Trump to victory, but he has no cure
The Brookings Institution utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=es

17th November 2016
The Trump voters you don’t know
The Christian Science Monitor

17th November 2016
Haynes: Trump, the unlikely champion of rural America
Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel

14th November 2016
Rural Voters Played A Big Part In Helping Trump Defeat Clinton
National Public Radio

13th November 2016
Trump Country: Rural Americans have the power to pick our presidents. They just chose a politician who’s unwilling and unequipped to help them.

11th November 2016
A Humbling of Higher Ed
The Chronicle of Higher Education

11th November 2016
The Election Highlighted a Growing Rural-Urban Split
The New York Times

10th November 2016
Voter turnout increases on campus, falls for state
The Badger Herald.




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