Post-election interviews

22nd December 2016
Why the white working class votes against itself
The Washington Post

28th November 2016
Middle America’s malaise helped Trump to victory, but he has no cure
The Brookings Institution utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=es

17th November 2016
The Trump voters you don’t know
The Christian Science Monitor

17th November 2016
Haynes: Trump, the unlikely champion of rural America
Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel

14th November 2016
Rural Voters Played A Big Part In Helping Trump Defeat Clinton
National Public Radio

13th November 2016
Trump Country: Rural Americans have the power to pick our presidents. They just chose a politician who’s unwilling and unequipped to help them.

11th November 2016
A Humbling of Higher Ed
The Chronicle of Higher Education

11th November 2016
The Election Highlighted a Growing Rural-Urban Split
The New York Times

10th November 2016
Voter turnout increases on campus, falls for state
The Badger Herald.




Post-election interviews about The Politics of Resentment

1st August 2017
Rural Resentment: How Scott Walker’s rise can explain Donald Trump’s

1st August 2017
Flyover Folk Episode 10: Moving Past Resentment Politics in Rural America with Dr. Katherine Cramer
Flyover Folk Podcast

25th July 2017
The Competence of Others: Understanding Perceptions of Others’ Civic Abilities
Items: Insights from the Social Sciences

The Competence of Others: Understanding Perceptions of Others’ Civic Abilities

12th April 2017
In rural Wisconsin, researcher found roots of Trump’s revolution
MPR News

20th February 2017
In Donald Trump era, UW prof’s rural Wisconsin insights gain national prominence
Wisconsin State Journal

7th February 2017
Booked: Capitalizing on Rural Resentment, with Katherine J. Cramer
Dissent Magazine

7th February 2017
Voters await economic revival in a part of pro-Trump America
Associated Press–Trump’s%20America-Trump%20Country/id-1bc4bd9356f646819a05361d4aad71c9

January/February 2017
What Do You Do if a Red State Moves to You?

17th January 2017
Politics, People, and the Presidency
Carol Koby Radio

6th January 2017
Kathy Cramer Talking Politics with Robin Johnson
KBUR (Burlington, IA)

23rd December 2016. C-SPAN’s Washington Journal call-in show about The Politics of Resentment.

6th December 2016
Feelings of being overlooked planted the seed for Trump’s election: Rural America wants their fair share of ‘political attention’
The Badger Herald.

1st December 2016
The Politics Of Resentment And The Election Aftermath, Wisconsin Public Radio

16th November 2016.
Jim Bohannon Show, Dom Giordano as guest host.
Westwood One Network.

15th November 2016
Paul Fanlund: Trying to get Trump’s appeal, the non-hate part
The Capital Times appeal-the-non/article_8a4a5c95-1ed2-520b-9c38-a88a212bdc72.html

15th November 2016
The Reality of Rural Resentment: One of the biggest themes to emerge so far from the 2016 U.S. presidential election is a widening rural vs. urban divide.
City Lab

14th November 2016.
The Politics of Rural Resentment The Brian Lehrer Show WYNC Radio

14th November 2016
Dom Giordano Show
1210 WPHT Philadelphia,Pa

12th November 2016
Prof. Kathy Cramer spent 8 years field research with Wisconsin’s rural Trump voters…
Daily Kos years-field-research-with-Wisconsin-s-rural-Trump-voters

12th November 2016
Trump’s Victory and the Politics of Resentment: A political scientist’s research explains a lot about why true-blue Wisconsin turned red in 2016, and about the mood of rural and small town America. Scientific American.

10th November 2016. Chris Lydon’s Open Source show, WBUR Boston.

10th November 2016. HBO Vice News.





The Politics of Resentment in the news since the presidential election

5th September 2017
America’s Political Scientists Come in for a Reckoning

25th July 2017
In La Follette Territory: How did the Democrats lose a once progressive and populist hotbed like Wisconsin?
The Nation

The Left’s Opportunity in Wisconsin

June 2017
A Discussion of Katherine J. Cramer’s The Politics of Resentment: Rural Consciousness in Wisconsin and the Rise of Scott Walker
Perspectives on Politics

19th April 2017
The Interpreter- Quote of the Day
The New York Times

31st March 2017
Reviving Rural Economies
CQ Researcher

9th February 2017                                                                                                        
Lost in Wisconsin

29th December 2016
What’s behind the growing urban, rural divide?
MPR News

26th December 2016. Trump’s Policies to Impact Rural Areas. Texas Center for Community Journalism. Al Cross from The Rural Blog, Institute for Rural Journalism and Community Issues, University of Kentucky.

24th December 2016
Why Do Working-Class Whites Vote against Their Own Economic Interest?

22nd December 2016
Why the white working class votes against itself. Catherine Rampell.
The Washington Post 2016/12/22/3aa65c04-c88b-11e6-8bee-54e800ef2a63_story.html?utm_term=.b436ac43d29e

15th December 2016. Donald Trump’s Alt-Reality. Thomas Edsall at the New York Times.

9th December 2016: Women Also Know Stuff about the 2016 election. Julia Azari at Vox women

November/December 2016
Trump’s Supporters Revealed. Two new books underscore the big lesson of 2016: GOP base voters hate big government spending only when the “wrong” people benefit. Lee Drutman. Washington Monthly

22nd November 2016
Why did US voters back Trump? Economic powerlessness.
Robert Schiller at The Guardian

20th November 2016
Caught in the Middle: What universities represent in Trump territory. The Chronicle of Higher Education

19th November 2016                                                                                                
Stereotype-defying Trump voters have no regrets                                                            
Financial Times

11th November 2016
Yes, working class whites really did make Trump win. No, it wasn’t simply economic anxiety. Jeff Guo at The Washington Post