Peer-Reviewed Book

  1. Nativism and Economic Integration: Trends on a Collision Course in the Developing World, with Bethany Lacina. Forthcoming. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge Elements: Political Economy series, ed. David Stasavage.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

  1. Local Embeddedness and Bureaucratic Performance: Evidence from India,” with Alexander Lee. Journal of Politics, 80(1): 71-87, 2018.
  2. The Effects of Malapportionment on Cabinet Inclusion: Subnational Evidence from India.” British Journal of Political Science, 48(1): 69-89, 2018. 
  3. Do the Effects of Temporary Ethnic Group Quotas Persist? Evidence from India.” American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 9(3): 105-123, 2017.
  4. Fiscal Federalism at Work? Central Responses to Internal Migration in India,” with Bethany Lacina. World Development 93: 236-248, 2017.
  5. The Effects of Weather-Induced Migration on Sons of the Soil Violence in India,” with Bethany Lacina, World Politics 67(4): 760-794, 2015.
  6. Ancillary Studies of Experiments: Opportunities and Challenges,“ with Kate Baldwin, Journal of Globalization and Development 6(1): 113-146, 2015.
  7. Response to Roodman: “A Replication of ‘Counting Chickens When They Hatch’”“, with Samuel Bazzi, Public Finance Review, 43(2): 282286, 2015.
  8. Gandhi’s Gift: Lessons for peaceful reform from India’s struggle for democracy,“ with Saumitra Jha, The Economics of Peace and Security Journal, 9(1): 76-88, 2014.
  9. Counting Chickens When They Hatch: Timing and the Effects of Aid on Growth,” with Samuel Bazzi, Michael Clemens and Steven Radelet, The Economic Journal, 122(561): 590-617, 2012.
    • Winner of the Royal Economic Society prize for the best paper published in The Economic Journal in 2012.
    • A previous version of this paper was referenced in a Washington Post editorial.
  10. Do Electoral Quotas Work After They Are Withdrawn? Evidence from a Natural Experiment in India,” American Political Science Review 103(1): 23-35, 2009. *

Other Publications

  1. Socio-economic Profiles of India’s Old Electoral Constituencies, 1971-2001,“ with Francesca Jensenius. In Fixing Electoral Boundaries in India: Laws, Processes, Outcomes and Implications for Political Representation, ed. M. S. Alam and K. C. Sivaramakrishnan, 2015 (New Delhi: Oxford University Press).
  2. Secondary Analyses of Experiments: Opportunities and Challenges,” with Kate Baldwin, APSA-Comparative Democratization Newsletter, October 2011.
  3. Aid and Growth: The Current Debate and Some New Evidence,” with Steven Radelet and Michael Clemens in The Macroeconomic Management of Foreign Aid edited by Peter Isard and others, 2006 (Washington, DC: International Monetary Fund).
  4. Aid and Growth,” with Michael Clemens and Steven Radelet, Finance and Development 42 (3), September 2005.  Reprinted in Annual Editions: Developing World 07/08, edited by Robert J. Griffiths, November 2006 (Columbus, OH: McGraw-Hill).


  1. Does Affirmative Action Worsen Bureaucratic Performance? Evidence from the Indian Administrative Service,” with Alexander Lee.
  2. Can Government-Controlled Media Cause Social Change? Television and Fertility in India,“ with Gareth Nellis. 
  3. Voting for Development? Ruling Coalitions and Literacy in India,“ with Francesca Jensenius. 
  4. Emigration, Remittances and the Political Economy of Development: Insights Using New Methods and Data from Kerala,” with Maggie Peters. 
  5. The Effects of Malapportionment on Economic Development: Evidence from India’s 2008 Redistricting.” 
  6. Oil Windfalls and the Political Resource Curse: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Brazil,“ with Noam Lupu.
  7. Forging a Non-Violent Mass Movement: Economic Shocks and Organizational Innovations in India’s Struggle for Democracy,” with Saumitra Jha.
  8. “A Primer on Discrimination Against India’s Lower Caste Politicians: Evidence from Natural and Survey Experiments.”
  9. “Using Asset Disclosures to Study Politicians’ Rents: An Application to India.”
  10. “Political Obstacles to Domestic Trade: Evidence from India,” with Bethany Lacina.
  11. “Can Elite Messages Help Empower Women? Evidence from a Field Experiment in North India,” with Gareth Nellis.
  12. “The Electoral Impact of Monetary Shocks: Evidence from India’s 2016 Demonetization,” with Mark Copelovitch.

Permanent Working Papers

  1. A Microeconomic View of the Evolution of Poverty and Inequality in Ghana, 1967-1997,” with Markus Goldstein.
  2. The Missing Globalization Puzzle,” with Arvind Subramanian, Natalia Tamirisa, and David Coe, International Monetary Fund Working Paper WP/02/171, October 2002.